pontcysyllte aqueduct Learning Bundles - Time

How has the Area Changed over Time?

The building of Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal had a big impact on the surrounding area. Industries grew along with towns and villages to house the growing workforce. The canal continues to have an impact today, an intrinsic part of the beautiful landscape and a draw for tourists.

How has the Area Changed over Time?

Teacher’s Activity Plan

This plan introduces our activities to help children learn how the area around Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal has changed since the canal was built.

Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site Timeline Animation
Timeline Animation

Watch this animation to see how the canal and surrounding area developed over time.

Chronology Card Game
Chronology Card Game

Play this card game to see how much you have remembered about the timeline.

How had Cefn Mawr Changed over Time - mapping activity
Mapping PowerPoint

Investigate how Cefn Mawr has changed through time.

Looking at Population change
Looking at Population Change

Use historic sources to investigate how the population of Froncysyllte has changed over time.

Chirk Bank and Canal then and now
Canal View, Chirk Bank - Then and Now

Investigate how one terrace of cottages has changed over time.

Landscape Change at Llangollen Canal
Landscape Change Collage

Create a collage landscape to illustrate how the landscape has changed over time.

Timeline for Pntcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal

A still version of the timeline for reference.