pontcysyllte aqueduct Learning Bundles - Trade

Trade and Industry

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal was built to enable the plentiful raw materials of the Dee Valley to be transported more easily and cheaply to regional and national markets. This stimulated the growth of local industries.

Trade and Industry

Teacher’s Activity Plan

This plan introduces our activities to help children learn about why the canal was built and how it stimulated trade and industry.

Why was the Llangollen Canal built
Why was the Canal Built?
Watch this film to find out about why canal transport was so much better than horse and cart.

PowerPoint Masnach a Diwydiant
Trade and Industry PowerPoint

Play this interactive PowerPoint to learn about the impact the canal had on trade and industry.

Slate split into various thicknesses
Investigating Raw Materials

Use the Fact Files to research raw materials from the Dee Valley and create a presentation or virtual tour.

Incline example
From Quarry to Canal

Create an incline and experiment with slopes to find out how stone was moved from quarries down to the canal.

What am I card game
What am I? Card Game

Play this card game to identify local raw materials and canal objects.