pontcysyllte aqueduct Learning Bundles - Engineering

A Feat of Engineering

The building of the Llangollen Canal with its magnificent aqueducts, tunnels, tall embankments and deep cuttings was an incredible feat of engineering, in an era without the benefits of modern technology.

A Feat of Engineering

Teacher’s Activity Plan

This plan introduces our activities to help children learn about the challenges facing the canal builders and why their achievements are such a feat of engineering.

Surveyors Chains
Surveyor’s Task PowerPoint

Tackle this surveying challenge to get an understanding of the terrain across which the canal was built.

the 11 mile Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site
11-Mile Journey

Watch this film to find out about the challenges the canal builders had to overcome.

Building Pontcysyllte Aqueduct
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Watch this animated film to visualise how the aqueduct was built.

Build a canal role play game
Role-play: Who Built the Canal?

Discover the range of people who were involved in designing and building the canal.

how pulleys make lifting easier
How do pulleys make lifting loads easier?
Watch this film to find out why pulleys were used to lift heavy materials to build the aqueduct and to load cargoes onto canal boats.

Why arch bridges are strong
Why are Arches so Strong?

Watch this film to learn about the strength of arches.

Build a canal activity ideas
Build a Canal

Try out these canal-building activities from the Canal & River Trust.