pontcysyllte aqueduct Learning Bundles - Living and working

Living and Working by the Canal

Generations of families have lived beside the canal and many have earned their living from it. Some worked in the industries that used the canal to transport goods, others operated canal boats or maintained the canal. Most jobs today revolve around tourism and leisure boating.

Living and Working by the Canal

Teacher’s Activity Plan

This plan introduces our activities to help children learn about living and working by the canal and how this has changed over time.

Childrens Role Play Game
Child Workers in Industry Role-play

Take on the role of a child worker using the 1842 Children’s Employment Commission report for reference.

Comparing the lives of the Rich and the Poor
Comparing the Lives of Rich and Poor

Research the lives of two contrasting families who lived along the canal using census records, photographs and maps.

A day int he life of William and Alice
A Day in the Life of William and Alice

Imagine a day in the life of two contrasting Victorian children who lived beside the canal.

Modern horse drawn boat
Working on the Canal

Compare jobs on the canal in the past and present day.

Meet Ifan and Taffy
Meet Ifan and Taffy

Watch this film to find out about a special job on the canal.