*barge on chirk aqueduct

Chirk Aqueduct and Tunnel

Straddling the border between Wales and England

Visit Chirk Aqueduct and you can have one foot in England and one foot in Wales. A few minutes’ walk from Chirk town centre, it straddles the border between Wales and England and sits companionably next to Chirk viaduct. Looking down at Chirk basin and the aqueduct from the road above is a sight to behold.

The aqueduct, designed by William Jessop and Thomas Telford, was built between 1796 and 1801. It had an innovative design: the weight was minimised by the ten semi-circular masonry arches being hollow and by the water channel having an iron bed plate and brick sides sealed using hydraulic mortar.

Just along the towpath, Chirk tunnel, known locally as ‘the Darkie’ was one of the first in the UK to have a towpath. If you’re feeling brave, take a stroll through it – but don’t forget your torch.


Nearest car park + postcode: Glyn Wylfa carpark, LL14 5BS
Nearest rail station: Chirk
Nearest town: Chirk


Glyn Wylfa car park, LL14 5BS